Francoudi & Stephanou through the Years



The Maritime Center is fully occupied business center by well-known multinational companies such as Amdocs, U-TX, TUI and local companies PrimeTel, F&S Insurance and Logica.


Francoudi &Stephanou becomes one of the main shareholder of the Limassol Marina Ltd, a company in charge of design, construction and management of Limassol Marina, the first superyacht marina on the island, one of the most attractive and unique projects across Europe.


Expansion in the Telecommunications and Mobile sector through participation in PrimeTel PLC.


The Group expands into financial services to offer a variety of flexible products and services, based on the innovative technology of securities.


In the context of globalization of Travel and Tourism Industry, Aeolos and Tui enter into a strategic partnership.


Further expansion towards the travel and tourism and hotel industry, by buying the whole of the AEOLOS shareholding.


The Group expands into Development sector through Logica Development Ltd, the company in charge of construction and management of the Maritime Center business center located next to the new port of Limassol.


Expansion in the duty free market through partnership with Seamarket Ltd – The Freeshops.


The Company is appointed as handling agents for all East Med Transshipments for ScanDutch. The port of Limassol becomes the base of transshipments for ScanDutch operation Far East/East Med.


The construction of 4-star CAPO BAY Hotel at Fig Tree Bay – Protaras. This revives the Company’s involvement in the hotel business.


Set-up of own plant for the local bottling under license of alcoholic beverages


In partnership with G. Kirzis & Co. Ltd, the firm Kirzis-Stephanou Container Terminal and Bonded Warehousing, is established

1974 - 1980

Formation partnership and expansion in: haulage, port daily transportation operations, container repairing/refurbishing, management and accounting services, computer software and hardware, automated office equipment and related services.


The Company is displaced as a result of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It resumes operations at first in Larnaca only to move later in Limassol and set up operations there.


Pioneering in the handling and transportation of containers. The Company is the first to bring in the necessary equipment and train its personnel in the handling and transportation of containers and creates the first container terminal at Famagusta port, being officially appointed by the Cyprus Port Authority to run it.


Diversification in the sightseeing operations and transfer of passengers and self-drive cars. Ownership of SETRA coaches and running of transport operations.


Diversification towards the hotel business. Leasing of the SAVOY HOTEL for Vingresor. The ESPERIA TOWER HOTEL and the SALAMINIA TOWER HOTEL are build and managed by the Company in Famagusta.


Diversification to travel and tourism. The Company buys 75% in Federate Agencies Ltd, trading as AEOLOS Cyprus Travel Bureau, and strengthens the travel and tourism business, at the same time expanding the insurance business through the representation of SUN by AEOLOS.

1956 - 1958

The Famagusta port is extended. Shipping operations grow as the trade starts growing in CY and imports increase whilst citrus becomes a main export commodity handled through this port


The Company expands shipping operations through the formation of partnership with companies in the same field one of which is the partnership under the name Scandinavian Near East Agency (Cyprus) Ltd with companies in the same business


Diversification to imports. Importing WHITE HORSE whisky.


F&S entered the insurance Industry, as agents and brokers


The Famagusta port is opened. The shipping business takes the form of port operations. Loading/unloading of cargo is done alongside the quay and storage space is availed. The “Cyprian Prince” (named by the owners Prince Line to honor Cyprus) under Francoudi & Stephanou Agency, inaugurates the Famagusta Port.


Francoudi & Stephanou is established with its registered office in Famagusta. The Company’s main business is in Shipping, clearing and forwarding and insurance. Sea transportation to/from Cyprus is done by caiques and cargo is carried piece by piece on the back of the stevedores and through lighters loaded/unloaded. Francoudi & Stephanou operates in Famagusta whilst its partner / associate Z.D. Pierides continues operations in Larnaca.